I am truly blessed that I found share. I don’t know where I would be without the other couples, I felt so alone before I found them. We are all in different places in our grief and I hope that my words will inspire and help someone know that it’s ok to feel the way they feel.


We had been going through a difficult grieving time in our lives and didn’t really have others to talk to. We have a home church, but it just seems like no one really gets or understands what we were/are going through and how were getting through it. One day my wife discovered the Share facebook page and noticed that it was directed at parents who have suffered infant loss. We thought it would be worth a try because really, what else is there.


The first evening we went, I remember walking in and there were a few tables put together in a square in the center, some snacks and plenty of literature next to the entrance where you sign in. What or shall I say, who stood out the most to me were these two welcoming ladies, Andrea and Lauren, who made me feel very comfortable in being there.


They understood how I felt and knew how on edge I could be. Later to find out they have been through the same heartache. You would never tell that behind their smiles and kindness that they too lost little ones, but somehow they are able to muster up the strength and energy to put on a share meeting for others. I was amazed and hopeful; amazed that they were able to get a sense of normalcy back in their lives and hopeful that one day me and my wife will be able to do the same.


Share is something we look forward to now, to be able to talk about what we’ve been through and how were coping with our loss and the everyday challenges of just trying to continue forward. It’s a chance to meet others that are going through what we’ve been through, with hopes that maybe what we share in a meeting might help someone. Now these strangers have become more like family and we no longer feel alone.

Edward and Marcella